What We Do:

handshakeWhy leave one of life’s most significant decisions to chance?

The Educated Decision exists to empower people, through the use of leading edge assessments and coaching, to identify and pursue an academic path that will lead to success and fulfillment.

We help students make informed decisions about university and college programs that can lead to rewarding careers.

We also help parents by helping their sons and daughters achieve their full potential by matching their interests to educational choices, facilitating success and alleviating unnecessary cost and confusion.

Why not invest in making an educated decision in what’s likely going to be one of life’s most significant choices?

Let us help you make the educated decision.

What They Say:

  • Diane

    "My son Chris worked with Lisa while he was in university because he wanted help determining his future career path.  The assessment and coaching provided gave Chris great insight into his preferences and possible career choices.  Lisa is professional and reliable and understands the confusion that comes with choosing a career.  I am happy to say that Chris has found full time work in a field he thoroughly enjoys and for which he is very well suited.  The support offered through The Educated Decision helped him find his way."
    Diane W.

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